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September 20, 2011

Very few people want to move, and the thought is exhausting before it ever begins. Services, moving help in particular, are always welcome and sometimes necessary to get the job done.

Once the decision is made to move, whether due to a job relocation or simply to migrate into a nicer climate or area, the road is long and tedious to prepare.

Calling for moving services, moving help, or moving assistance, is almost a mandatory situation anymore with the distances involved and whole households or businesses being moved.

An advantage of having moving services, moving help, or some form of moving services, is that everything is organized when leaving and when unpacking at the new location. The stress is removed, and the entire relocation is cost effective, efficient, and much more enjoyable and pleasant.

Services Moving Help Research:

But to guarantee the quality of services, moving help should be checked with the BBB, or Better Business Bureau, for their quality of business and if any complaints have been made against them. If so, did they guarantee their work and stand beside any mistakes with no hassle or complaints?

One thing to remember is to check the DOT license number of the movers, as even though all are required to be licensed, the movers that are interstate movers are required to publish their tariffs or price list and make it available to anyone and everyone of their services, moving help the focus.

Also, the interstate movers needs to participate in some sort of dispute settlement program, offering a neutral arbitration if some sort of dispute arises over a loss or damage to a shipment while in the hands of the mover.

Services Moving Help Insurance:

craigslist moverServices, moving help or moving assistance, all require some form of liability insurance. That way if the shipment is either lost or damaged, it will be covered in full. Different levels of insurance are offered, and the person moving needs to be aware of what those levels are, as in some shipments additional charges may apply. Many moving services have a brochure they can provide to let the consumer know how much they should insure their shipment for, as most people make errors in this choice and underinsure their belongings.

Most coverage is based on the value of an item that is depreciated, not the current replacement value. In that case, the mover assumes the liability of the total shipment weight times $1.25 times that. An example would be a shipment of 8,000 pounds is worth $10,000 which would be the default if no other coverage plans have been made by the shipper, plus $7.00 for each $1,000 of assumed liability.

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