NJ Elite Movers Moving Scam

January 18, 2013

Don’t be a victim of a moving scam. Do your research on any moving company thoroughly. And be careful of NJ Elite Movers!

A woman who moved this month from from Ridge Road in the township to New York state is missing the entire contents of her five-room home in what authorities say looks like a moving company scam.

The victim, who wishes to remain anonymous, told Jefferson police ­on Jan. 5 that ­the moving company, NJ Elite Movers of Garfield, quoted her $1,500 to relocate her to a new home in Chestnut Ridge, N.Y.

The movers packed her stuff into their truck and then told her she would have to pay an additional $600, according to her statement to police. She agreed the company would take possession of her belongings until she paid in full. When she tried to schedule delivery the following week, she found the phone number had been disconnected, police said.

Jefferson Police Capt. Eric F. Wilsusen said his department has been in touch with the Garfield police about the incident.

“It’s pretty clear that NJ Elite Movers is a fictitious company,” he said. “And if there are other victims out there, we want to let them know.”

NJ Elite Mover’s website claims to be a fully licensed and insured moving company with a high standard of excellence. The company boasts a page of hand-written testimonials. The phone number listed on the website has been disconnected.

Websites dedicated to reviewing moving services reveal complaints about false quotes and stolen property. “They are liars,” one user wrote. “They should be put behind bars.”

NJ Elite Movers has also received an “F” rating by the Better Business Bureau for failure to respond to 38 of 42 complaints filed about poor service.

Capt. Darren Sucorowski of the Garfield Police Department said two incidents involving the moving company were reported in December.

“On Dec. 21 and Dec. 27 individuals filed reports that their items were being held at Safe & Secure storage at 141 Lanza Ave in Garfield,” he said. “The disputes started elsewhere, but a contract was signed between the victims and NJ Elite Movers.”

Sucorowski said both reports show the same pattern.

“An initial price was quoted, but once the movers packed up the trucks they said it would be a higher price,” he said. “The movers said they had to hold onto the belongings until full payment was rendered. In both cases the individuals did not see their belongings again.”
Garfield police visited the storage location on Dec. 28.

“The storage facility is owned by a separate company,” Sucorowski said. “An officer spoke with an employee of Safe & Secure storage, who attempted to contact the owner of NJ Elite Movers, who rents the locker. The contact number was no longer in service.”

The incidents are still under investigation, and the storage units have not yet been searched, Sucorowski said. Detectives are working on tracking down NJ Elite Movers.
Detective Joseph Kratzel of Jefferson Township police said this is a typical moving scam.

“Movers quote a very low price, which seems great compared to quotes given by established moving companies,” he said. “Then they increase the price greatly and refuse to give people their belongings until they pay the full amount.”

Kratzel says the Jefferson resident even took out extra insurance from NJ Elite Movers.
“She paid them $1,500 plus insurance. So they have little incentive to deliver her items for an additional $600,” he said. “All five rooms of furniture, bedding, food and appliances are gone. It is very unfortunate. People have to be very mindful about these kinds of scams.”

written by Cara Townsend
The Daily Record.

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