Movers who Care?

August 29, 2011


I just received a email from a friend of mine and he attached this screenshot of a Craigslist moving ad he found in Detroit.

detroit craigslist movers

Notice the headline.

“All Star Miving”…Really! Oops.

But what I find really funny about this ad is the tag line: movers who care.

Uh? Movers who care!?

Well first off, dude, you stole that tag line from Two Men and a Truck, and second, if you truly cared then you would have paid attention to detail and made sure your spelling was correct, especially in the headline of your ad. The one place that it matters most.

But lets be fair to this guy…

Typos do happen, that’s why we have a word called “typos.”

The reason I am pointing this out to you at all is that it is 1) funny, and 2) it illustrates how a Craigslist mover can come off as unprofessional.

Now I have no idea about this mover so can’t say whether he is a good mover or not so I’ll assume it is an honest mistake. But you’ll find mistakes like this abound in moving scams on Craigslist all the time, so be on the look out for mistakes in spelling and punctuation. These are the tell tale sign of a moving scam.

Any way I hope you like it.


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