Illegal Craigslist Ad Lands Mover In Hot Water

August 28, 2011

Man Gets Fined For Illegal Craigslist Moving Ad

Because Craigslist is so easy to post on, many people post to do services. Many yahoos that think that they are movers just because they have a pickup or van can get in trouble for posting these illegal ads.

Many people don’t realize when they are looking for movers on Craigslist ads, that a number — not all, and not the majority — are actually illegal movers. The Department of Transportation has set up a strict guideline for movers when they advertise. Moving scammers don’t know these laws, or follow them if they do know them.

I wrote an article a while back giving examples of moving scam ads on Craigslist.

Just because someone has a pick-up and can place an ad on Craigslist a mover it does not make.

These are moving scams. Sure you may have a good experience. They are cheap…until they are arrested and their truck and your possessions are confiscated. Or they break or damage your furniture. Or they steal your possessions. And as they ARE NOT licensed and insured forget about getting money from them for anything.

Filing a BBB complaint is useless. The BBB has no authority over them. They will just change their name and continue doing what they have always done…lying, stealing and cheating.

Here is the actual article about this illegal Craigslist mover:

An unemployed Las Vegas man who placed an ad on Craigslist to move things with his pickup truck was fined in court on Tuesday.

Dan Stewart must pay $300 to get his Ford pickup truck back. It was impounded after a Nevada Transportation Authority sting.

Stewart was also fined $200 that must be paid later this month. The penalty could have been fines of up to $10,000.

Stewart was told during the sting that it was illegal to advertise his services as a mover.

“I saw a whole bunch of ads, 20 of them,” he said after looking at the Craigslist Web site, “So I threw mine on there.”

His first client offered to pay $75 to move items in Stewart’s truck. But when he arrived at a local storage facility, he was greeted by authorities.

“Three trucks, five guys with badges and guns [showed up]. It was unbelievable,” he said.

Stewart didn’t realize he needed the proper paperwork to make himself legitimate, although he never intended to become a full-time mover.

“Individuals that want to move as a form of business, for commerce, must have a certificate of public convenience and necessity,” said Ruben Aquino with the Nevada Transportation Authority.

Aquino said the statewide sting operation is intended to stop thieves and illegitimate “movers” who might not deliver what they promise.

Stewart insisted he was not a crook and that he was just trying to make some extra money.

“I think that’s the end of my moving career,” he said.

So be sure when hiring a mover off of Craigslist that you spot the tell tale sign of the illegal mover. By law, all movers must post their DOT and MC (or state license) numbers on all their ads. Not just one number, but all of them.

So be on the look out for illegal Craigslist moving ads.

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