How to Identify Fraudulent Moving Companies

December 5, 2013

Avoiding the Moving Scams


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By: Trevor Gould

There’s a pretty penny to be earned by transporting people’s goods to new locations, and that’s why the moving industry is booming. A wide variety of both small and large companies can be found around the country offering personalized moving services to individuals. Yet, it would be disingenuous to state all these businesses ventures are legitimate. Like any market, fraudulent entities have established themselves and begun preying on naïve customers. This is a brief guide detailing how to ensure you’re dealing with a legitimate and reputable moving company whether you’re moving to Vancouver or you’re moving to Toronto or any other city for that matter!

Verify They Possess an Authentic License

When asked to display a license, they should barely hesitate for more than a second before presenting you with a formal document. They should also have it listed on their webpage as a means to convey industry relevancy. If they cannot whip out a license at a moment’s notice than you should instantly consider taking your business elsewhere.

Check for Recommendations

You should honestly take care of this step prior to even contacting the moving company. Ask your friends and peers about their personal moving company preferences to help compile a list. The problem with webpage-based testimony is that they’re controlled; the company will obviously be sure only overwhelmingly positive reviews reside on their website. Naturally people than take to internet forums and social media platforms, but be wary that that information is also susceptible to manipulation.

Home Visit

From both a customer and business perspective, conducting a preliminary visit to your residency is an effective way to prepare for the big moving day. It allows the customers to become acquainted with the company personnel and enables them to assess the situation. If a company claims they don’t do home visits or simply makes no mention of them, that should instantly set off clanging alarm bells in your head. Reputable, professional companies would never skip that step.

Fee Pushing

Be on guard if they start bombarding you with optional fees while advocating it’s in your best interest to pay for them. Yes, all moving companies offer varying forms of insurance and so forth, but if they seem to be aggressively attempting to heap additional costs onto your proposed price than take your money elsewhere.

Obtain Multiple Estimates

Not only is this an effective way to compare initial costs, it’s also perfect for identifying suspiciously low estimate rates that stand out from the crowd. If a moving company is promoting a rate way lower than its competition, there are two possibilities. One, they plan on jacking up your total price with hidden fees, or two, their services and resources (trucks, boxes, equipment, etc. etc.) are lackluster at best.

In Summary

There are a slew of moving companies available for hire, and it’s important to be able to differentiate between the legitimate ones and their fraudulent counterparts. Those aforementioned tactics are effective at determining a moving company’s true nature.

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