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September 14, 2011

Our mission here at CraigslistMoving.Net is to expose those fraudulent and harmful moving companies and to protect you and the legitimate moving companies. So when we come up to a Craigslist moving scam we just have to tell you about right away.

This Craigslist moving scam mover came to us from a reliable and legitimate moving company in Michigan. We thought we had seen everything until now.

The company in questions is AAffordable Movers from Lansing, MI. Apparently they advertise their “moving services” on Craigslist quite often. You can see their ad below.

moving scamWe did some rapid fire Google searches on this mover and we did not like what we saw. What we did is take the phone number from the ad above and searched it in Google. You can see that screen shot below.

What came up was obviously a bunch of listings for that phone number and other numbers associated with it.

At the very bottom of the first page of listing was what struck us. It is was a listing to a porn site and more (keeping reading to find out more is.)

So we clicked that link and search this “Diamond Dolls” site to see what it is all about.

WARNING: These next couple of screen shots are not for kids!

So below you will see the screen shot of the home page of Diamond Dolls.

As you can see the phone number that we Googled for AAfordable Movers has lead us to a porn site; but just a porn site, but a site to hire hookers…er, sorry, I meant to say “Escorts.”

There is a lot more that I could show you to prove that Affordable Movers from Lansing MI is nothing more a bunch of pimps and criminals with the website, but this is supposed to be a family friendly website.

But our little investigation didn’t end there. Nope, we then went top their Google places profile and check out their testimonials and such. Folks this is NOT good.

Craigslist Mover scamAs you can see Affordable Movers have 4 reviews on their Google places profile listing. So we decided to check out the reviews. We found that 3 out 4 of the reviews were horror stories of Affordable Mover being rude, disrespectful and criminal. Basically, you typical Craigslist Moving scam.

Check out the screenshot below.

craisglist moving scam reviewsWe checked out their website. It was a good and professional website. But you have to understand, we already know that these yahoos are moving scammers, but with a little easy research we can find the most amazing information on the internet.

Affordable movers had listed 4 people as references. See the screenshot below.

Check out the very last reference: “Mick Grewel Attorney at Law”. Ooh boy this is almost too easy. We researched “Mick Grewel” and found that he is a criminal defense attorney. That’s right folks. Mick represents criminals in criminal trials.

So what we have here, is a bunch of pimps and thugs running a prostitution ring and they obviously get arrested every now and then so they’ll need a defense attorney and the one person that they use as a reference is that very same defense lawyer that probably defended them in court.

Of course we could give them the benefit of the doubt and say they have changed their ways. That they are walking the straight and narrow. But the hooker site is still up and they are advertising their services on So you can be the judge.

There you have it. Thanks to my friend that brought this Craigslist Moving scam to my attention.

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