Bekins Vanlines Review

January 18, 2013

Company: Bekins Van Lines
Grade: F
City: Nationwide

More often than not the perpetrators of moving scams are licensed and insured moving companies, and the majority of those come from the national van liners. It is unfortunate but true.

I did an informal study a while back where I investigated the complaints of moving scams that were on the internet. I took these reports and looked into the moving companies that were said to have committed these scams, what I found shocked me! I found that almost 80% of the moving scam complaints were not committed by unlicensed and uninsured moving companies but licensed and insured ones…scary huh? Of those, I found that 75% were committed by nationwide van liners…And Bekins Van Lines was at the top of the list.

Bekins Van Lines or Bekins Moving Company is a national van liners with offices (or hubs) in every state. What these specialize in is moving people across the country. They have set up their operations similar to a franchise. A local moving company becomes and authorized agent for Bekins and they sell Bekins moving services in their state and/or region. Bekins can factually go all over the world to move you. This not a bad business model.

However, Bekins is the worst company out there and should be avoided.

IN going online and googling Bekins I found that not one of the consumer rating websites rate Bekins very high. While Bekins do have their fans and fair share of positive ratings they have far more negative ratings.

bekins criminal moversJ.D. Powers and Associates, a leading consumer rating agency, rated Bekins as one of the worst companies several years in a row.

Many of Bekin’s authorized moving company agents have horrible ratings themselves, including bad BBB reports. The authorized agent for my state of Michigan that operates out of Fraser is a prime example. I personally know that they are being sued by one company for name infringement and yet sued another company for the very same thing. Talk about “talking out of both sides of your mouth.” And I personally know that they spend THOUSANDS to make sure that they have a good BBB report. Yet the BBB freely admits that they have the highest amount of complaints of any moving company in Michigan and far above the normal for a company of their volume…so what does that say?

So in my opinion I would never use Bekins Moving Company…instead I would maybe Mayflower or Movex.

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