Advanced Technical Moving Fraud

January 1, 2013

They say not to judge a book by it’s cover. Normally that would be good advice, but what happens when the cover looks really good but when you open the book you find its just horrible reading. Well that’s what we find with Advanced Technical Moving. They good on the surface, but with a little digging we find out that this “moving company” (and we use that term loosely) is nothing more than liars and cheats. Advanced Technical Moving puts the scam in moving scam.

Thanks to John Artz of Aaffordable Moving in Lansing, Michigan for pointing out this “mover” out to us.

So the first thing we do is Google Advanced Technical Moving and right from the get go it gets bad. The SE result is for the company which is expected then we quickly see that there was a video made about this company a couple years ago. See the screenshot below:

advanced technical moving

Look at the very last entry: That’s the video we were talking about. And frankly I could end this review of this illegal mover right here and just let you see the video as it does a great job of exposing this criminal mover. BUt we are going to do our own research and show you what we came up with. Just <a href=>click here</a> to see the video I am speaking of.

With just a little investigation we found that the owner of Advanced Technical Moving is guy named Dave Brian Dunn:

Dave Brian Dunn


Remember that name because later on we are going to show you a very interesting little picture that proves this guys lies. So stay tuned

Here is a picture of Dave Dunn’s info section from his Facebook profile

advanced technical moving 4


Notice that he claims that he won the “Movers of the Year for Lansing”. This is a complete lie. There is no such award. In fact, we found that he claims this just to piss off another mover from Lansing that he has been stalking (more on this a little later.)

So this got the alarms going off when we investigated this. Sure we were a little leery after having seen the above video, but that could be just a jealous moving company to disparage their competition. But our inclination to believe this video’s claims. I mean if he is willing to lie about an award that he won that doesn’t even exist then what else is he willing to lie about, and what other skeletons does he have in his closet?

We get our answers very quickly.

In the above profile take a look at the address. This is significant and I’ll tell you why: Moving scams often give out many different addresses to hide where they are so that they can’t be sued. This scammer has a lot of different addresses.



dave dunn atm


advanced technical moving 7


Above we can clearly see that this guy advertises three different address in three different cities. Why IS that? What is he trying to hide from? Really make us wonder.

In the above picture we see a line that says “MCS-150 Form Date: 05/18/2009”. This is very telling because this tells us when the company started. But on his website and on many of his social media he claims that he has been in business for 20 years.  See an example from his Manta profile below:

lisa tocco dunn


So we catch this idiot in another lie. Just on the above information alone I would never use this “mover”.

Another interesting fact about this, is that Dave Dunn claims his birthday is in September 1970 so if he has been in business for 20 years then that means he started his business in 1982. That would make him 12 yrs old. So where he claims that he has been in the business for 20 years is another lie. No moving company is going to hire a 12 year old kid. So we see that lie after lie is staking up with this idiot.

Here is another picture where proves that he has only been in business since 2009:

advanced technical moving 9


The problem with his lies is that many of his customers will find out too late and only after that he has screwed up their move in some way.

In the above picture you also see that he claims to be a member of the Michigan Movers Association.

This is another lie. I went to their website and to their member ship list to verify this claim. He is no where on their membership list. So I called them, and again he is NOT a member of the MMA. See the listing of the MMA members and that he is not on the list:

Michigan Movers Association


Oh his lies don’t stop there folks. Dave Dunn is like the Energizer bunny, his lies just kep going and going and going.

Check out this Craigslist ad that post often:

ATM false craigslist ad


You see towards the bottom of that ad he claims that he is licensed and insured.

We did find that he had a DOT number but no proof of an MPSC number or and licensing at all.

To be licensed in the State of Michigan you have to have an MPSC number. Dave Dunn and Advanced Technical Moving does not have one. Below is taken off the DOT ( website. You can clearly see where it says MPSC number that it is completely blank, you’ll also notice that there is insurance data either. So his claim of being licensed and insured is completely bogus:

advanced technical moving 7


But wait there’s more!

One of the things that we immediately do when looking at a moving company is to see if they have a website. Advanced Technical Moving does have a website. It is okay as websites go. Not great but I am sure that it gets the job done.

But the most gross and glaring outpoint on that website was the testimonials. Oh my goodness. This guy actually had his wife write a testimonial for his website. That’s right folks; he made up a completely bogus testimonial and had his wife post it.

I mean how dumb do you have to be? Look if you are going to make up a lie at least don’t put it your wife’s name. See his picture of the website with the false testimonial blatantly obvious below: screen capture 2012-12-29-15-49-28


And here is a screen shot of the actual made up testimonial written by Lisa Tocco Dunn, Dave Dunn’s wife:

false testimonial by lisa tocco dunn


And it is not just his wife that is making up false testimonials but Dave Dunn himself is not above lying and making up testimonials. In the below example we see that not only does Dave make up a testimonial but he does it in the name of one of his competitors and he gets owned. screen capture 2012-7-24-8-57-10


I mean if you are going to make up a fake testimonial and post it on Yahoo! then don’t use your own picture and claim you are someone else. I mean that this is really stupid, but then we are dealing with an illegal moving company. Intelligence isn’t the highest virtue now is it.

We did find other reviews of this company and they aren’t as flattering as Dave’s made up ones. You can see them below:

advanced technical moving 8


What I found interesting is that we found that Dave Dunn was arrested in Ingham County for harassing and stalking that very same person he was claiming to be in the fake testimonial. Remember above when we told to that this guy was a criminal. Well now you know the facts.

Dave Dunn charged with stalking


SO there you have it.

Advacned Technical Moving may not be the movers that claim they are.

I certainly would NEVER use them, but hey that’s just me. I am weird that way.

Hope you found the info illuminating.



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