7 Tips to Hiring the Best Craigslist Moving Help

September 13, 2011

A lot of the moving businesses that promote with Craigslist are quite excellent and valuable Craigslist moving firms. I might suggest approximately around 80% of the moving companies on Craigslist are good to fantastic moving firms. It will be the other 20% you must care about.

As a moving business owner myself, I understand what it takes to become a good moving company. It is a great deal of time and energy, and I also really detest to see any Tom, Dick or Harry arrive and set up shop because they might have a pick up truck.

They give every one of us professional hard working movers a terrible label.

So I have come up with a number of vital tricks to hiring precisely the ideal Craigslist Moving companies. Some of the ideas are positive and some are unfavorable, yet all will assist you to employ only the ideal moving companies through Craigslist:

1) Search for the Department of Transportation and the MC/MX numbers within the Craigslist moving advertisements. If these numbers are not plainly displayed within the posting, then simply that mover is either NOT licensed or insured as they may well state, or they’re fraudsters. It really is illegal these numbers not to be displayed.

Never employ any moving company off Craigslist that does not have an established moving business name. Various unlicensed and uninsured moving companies which say to call “Steve”, “Bob” or “Damon” are only fly-by-night companies. Stay clear of all those moving services.

Exclusively hire a Craigslist moving company when their advertisement is professionally written and clear of street or “hood” terminology. This type of listing is unquestionably written provided by unsavory people.

Spelling is an effective gauge simply because it can tell you who will actually make an effort and move you right. If the mover focuses on detail including spelling in their adverts, then there is an increased chance that they’ll take care in relocating you.

Many of the Craigslist movers that say to contact “Jim” or “Henry” are just part-timers aiming to make a few extra dollars. No problem with this, but they’re not licensed and covered movers. Thus only choose a mover that has a business name, an authentic contact person, a phone number and/or a professional email address.

Execute a google search on both the organization name and their contact number(s). In one example I have found that a “mover” on Craigslist was managing a prostitution ring on the same phone number and business address. Certainly not, in my opinion, the type of individual you would like being aware of where you live and everything you possess.

Phone the mover on the phone. Will they respond with a “Hello, this is XYZ movers” or with a “wassup!” A reliable phone greeting and/or answering machine message may be a positive sign of a great Craigslist moving company.

Moving is difficult. Many trade leaders have said that it’s in the main three most nerve-racking moments in a persons life. I know many who would probably accept that statement. But it needn’t be. Discovering the right Craigslist Moving movers isn’t tough when you follow the above plan.

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