6 Indicators To Find Craigslist Moving Help

August 26, 2011

One of things that you can find on Craigslist is Craigslist moving help.

If scroll down to the bottom of your cities page you will find a tab (or link) sending to “labor/move”. If you click on this to get the classified ads of many labor companies as well a myriad selection of moving companies.

I wanted to explain to you what you should be looking for when you start looking for Craigslist moving help in the ads:

1. If the moving company is claiming that they are licensed and insured, then by law, they have to include in all their ads their DOT and state licensing numbers. If these are not there then this is a violation of state and federal laws. Additionally, it also means that there is a good chance that they ARE NOT licensed and insured and are only saying they are to get your business.

2. Does the ad give a real company name, contact name and phone number? If the ad does not contain these items then it most likely a scam and should avoid this ad. Many of these ads have no contact information on them at all and only rely on you click the Craigslist email address at the top of the posting to contact them. This is how many of the moving scammers hide.

3. If the ad does give an email address, is it a professional email address? You can spot the fly-by-night and moving scammers easily by looking at their provided email address. I actually saw an email address for a “moving company” that said “pimpdaddy101”. I am sorry, that is NOT a professional moving company email. Try to avoid the moving companies that do not give a professional email address. Of course I am not speaking for email addresses that end with Yahoo or Gmail etc. I am talking about personal sounding email addresses.

4. If the moving company ad is poorly written, and filled with punctuation, capitalization and spelling errors it is another example of bad and unprofessional moving company. The more effort that is put into an ad is an indicator of the effort that the company will most likely put into your move. If a moving company will to lengths to create and post a well design ad then you have a company that is probably doing well and will give you the best service. You will see the ads that range from the hideous, as mention just above, to the elaborate professional designed ads. This is an indicator of the level of professionalism that you can expect from each company.

5. Beware of  “$40 an hour moving scam“. No moving company that is licensed and insured, and I don’t care what state they are in, can charge less than $75/hour. Period. So when you see the ads that claim that they full service movers and provide you with moving help say they can do it for less than $75/hr know it is an unlicensed and uninsured mover and a greater chance that they moving scammers. Of course this does not apply to the moving labor providers that advertise…just to the guys claiming that they are full service movers.

6. When you are reading the ad, do you see a link to a website or some other online profile like: FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube or MySpace? Moving companies that do not have a website are just plain lazy, and not having a website or online presence is an indicator of the effort that they will most likely put into moves. Moving companies (or any business for that matter) can get a website for free these days, or if they won’t do that at least a Facebook or MySpace page. Something that will give more information about the company then some faceless Craigslist ad.

So there you go. 6 indicators to look for when looking for Craigslist moving help. If you follow these simple guidelines and use the hundreds of useful articles on this website, I am confident that you can find and hire a professional moving company to assist you in your move.

Thank you for reading.

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