How to Find and Hire Reputable Craigslist Movers

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Believe it or not, find good movers off Craigslist is really not all that hard, especially once you have some good basic knowledge about potential moving scams and rogue movers. Now depending on the city and state that you reside in you may have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find the prince when it comes to that good, licensed and insured, Craigslist moving company. And hopefully this article (which will be updated periodically) will give you all the basic information that you’ll need.

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 Licensed and Insured Movers on Craigslist

More often than not, movers on Craigslist are not licensed and insured. There are plenty that are, but for the most part they are not licensed and insured.

Now you have to be careful here because more often than not, movers that advertise on Craigslist (or the other online advertising directories) only claim to be licensed and insured. It is real easy to find the reputable licensed and insured movers when you look for the moving companies licensing numbers. You see, by law, every licensed and insured moving company has to include all their licensing numbers on ALL of their advertising materials.

What you want to be looking for are, for the most part, two different sets of numbers:

  1. The DOT number
  2. The state licensing number

craigslist movers


As you can see in the above picture this moving company has their licensing info clearly shown on their advert. This particular mover has three different set of numbers. One is the DOT#, the next is the state # and the last one is to prove that they can move someone of of their home state, which in this case is Michigan.

Why these numbers are important and why they have to be displayed is for your safety and peace of mind.

Now by going to the Department of Transportation website ( you can quickly and easily look up this mover to verify that they are indeed licensed and insured.

Many times, movers only have text ads and not picture ads such as the above example so you will have to look for these numbers in the text. Most movers will put the numbers down at the bottom of their ad.

Now don’t be fooled here. If a mover says that they are licensed and insured yet their ad doesn’t show their licensing numbers doesn’t automatically not make them licensed and insured. Often movers leave these numbers out of their ads just because they forgot to and nothing more. In this case you’ll have to call up the mover and ask for their license numbers and check it out with the above website.

 How much do Craigslist Moving Companies Cost?

This is real good question, and while the answer is simple, it is not easily answered. The reason for this is because movers do have such a variable prices.

If the moving company that you found on Craigslist is a reputable licensed and insured mover then they’ll also most likely belong to their state’s moving association. Not necessarily true in all cases, but it is usually a good rule of thumb. And if they are members of this association then they have standard price rates (this is called a tariff.) And this tariff is to be posted on their website or in their companies’ documentation. However, I have found that this is not the case in most instances.

I believe the reason you don’t find the tariff on these companies websites is because it is so confusing. Even the movers that do the bill are often confused when they do the bill. But I have found that most of the independent mom-&-pop movers will usually have a tab called “moving rates” on their sites, and they often are fairly straight forward and simple.

The rogue movers that post on Craigslist rarely even have a website.

So to get an idea of how much a mover on Craigslist will charge you need to know that there are two types of movers:

  1. Moving Labor Services
  2. Full Service Movers

These guys will charge far differently. So lets take a quick look at them.

Moving Labor Services

These are companies that will only provide labor to load and/or to unload the moving truck or PODS that you rented or hired. They are no more than hire hands to do grunt work.

There are some great “movers” that use this business model that will do a great job.

All you need to do is rent a U-Haul or Penske moving truck, or you can hire ABF or PODS and load your possessions into those. These guys are really great if you are doing the move yourself and are moving long distances, especially across the country. You hire some guys to come load you up then have another moving company unload you at the other place.

Now depending on you specific location